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Welcome to Gaspé, what else can I say. Once you visit, you will know why we are so proud to call it home.
Click around, enjoy your stay...updates are coming soon.

Haldimand Beach at Sunset

So, what is there to do in Gaspé? That's the million dollar question.
In case anybody is wondering where Gaspé is, it's in eastern Québec, in Canada.
Yup. the Great White North, eh!!

Well, contrary to popular belief, we don't live in igloos and have glaciers in our backyards.
We only have the occasional iceberg float by now and then. :)

Gaspé in the Winter

Actually, Gaspé is a wonderful place to come and visit.
I hope everyone will get the chance to enjoy it as I do.

Boom Defense at Sunset

In future updates, I will be adding links to restaurants, motels, campgrounds and the many tourist attractions.
I hope to make planning your visit to Gaspé as easy as possible.
Until then, check out my Photo Gallery for some of the beauty that is called "Gaspé".